Sunday, September 20, 2015

Brandon Jennings Nonsense

Last week, NBA2k released their ratings for the top ten shooting guards for their game.
NBA player Brandon Jennings was none too pleased about these ratings.
On Twitter Jennings wrote, "Blasphemy. Kobe Bryant is #5. 2k gotta chill. The Internet just let you do whatever". As an NBA player, Jennings should know that the past is the past. Kobe Bryant is 37 years old, and has not been playing well lately. For the 2014-15 NBA season, he shot a disgusting 37.3%. Kobe had a scary 3.7 turnovers per game and just did not look like his old self. I would even go as far to say that Kobe could be bumped down to either rank eight, nine, or even ten. These other players are all more athletic and effective than Kobe. The only reason Kobe is even ranked at five is because of his past. Yes, Kobe was an amazing player, but Jennings has to look at the current stats. Kobe did not play well last season and does not deserve this high a rank. So come on Brandon Jennings. Get with today and realize that the NBA2K16 ratings are for this year and not years past.

Brandon Jennings Twitter post after all the backlash he received from fans.
You care! You brought it up in the first place.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Joe: Consequentialist or Categorical?

For this blog you probably should read  this novel first
Last week, I was assigned the task of deciding whether Joe from The Round House was consequentialist or a categorical. Consequentialist people are people who locate morality in the consequence of an act, and categorical people are people that locate morality in certain duty and rights. I decided, after some long thinking, that Joe was consequentialist person. It is easy to see this when Joe takes Linden Larks life. Joe, "Shot him at the logo over his heart. I hit someplace else"(282). Even though in the end it was Cappy who delivered the killing blow, Joe aimed at Lindens heart with the intent to kill. Joe was doing this because he believes that the consequence of ridding the world of evil was worth killing over. Joe also shows intent for his consequential justice when he attempts to kill Linden earlier.  Joe, "Smashed the can on his forehead and opened a cut just over Lark's eye"(244). Though, the novel doesn't explicitly state that Joe intended to kill Linden, it is commonly known worldwide that a hard enough hit to the head will kill. Here, Joe decided that the only good rapist is a dead one. He chose the idea of "ends justifying means" and tried to kill Linden. Joe is consequentialist because he locates the consequence in his actions, deciders if it is worth it, and then executes.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Are You Really THAT Historic?

In case you haven't heard, the video NBA2k16 is coming out this month. This is a huge deal NBA2k fans across the world because it means another year of awesome virtual basketball. One of the new features of NBA2k16 is the addition of "historic" teams that haven't been in any NBA2k before.

The new "historic" teams added into the game so far are the, '99-'00 Portland Trailblazers, '99-'00 Toronto Raptors, '00-'01 Los Angeles Lakers, '02-'03 Dallas Mavericks, '03-'04 Detroit Pistons, '04-'05 Phoenix Suns, '05-'06 Miami Heat, '07-'08 Houston Rockets, '07-'08 Boston Celtics, and the '12-'13 Miami Heat. While all these teams had amazing players on their rosters, not all of them deserve to be called historic. The teams that were NOT highlighted, were teams that won an NBA Championship. When NBA2k uses the word historic, they are implying that these teams all are etched into history and will be remembered. It is not really the team though that is remembered here, it is really the player. When people think about Rasheed Wallace, they don't think about how good his '99-'00 Trailblazers were. They will think about him racking up rebounds. When people think of Vince Carter, they won't think of how "historic" the '99-'00 Raptors were. They will think about Vince Carter doing an epic slam dunk. With the '02-'03 Mavericks, people will only remember Dirk Nowitzki's crazy one legged fade-away. People will remember Steve Nash getting gigantic assist numbers. Not the '04-'05 Suns. And finally, people won't remember the quality of the '07-'08 Rockets. They will remember Yao Ming towering over everybody, and Tracy McGrady scoring 13 points in 33 seconds. The point is, these non-championship teams aren't historic. They did not create NBA history or get the Larry O'Brian Trophy. It is actually the players who are historic, and it is the players who will be remembered.    

Wednesday, September 2, 2015